In Review

The holiday season is so jam-packed with feels. There’s the stress of finding parking at the mall and pressures to get that perfect present, but then there’s the beautiful warmth and coziness of getting together with loved ones and eating way too much of that cheeseball. There’s the excitement in the days leading up to Christmas morning, the suspense of if it will get to be a white Christmas, the gratitude for all this year has brought us, or at least relief we survived it. It can be a really difficult time of the year for those who are far from loved ones, or feeling their absence in other ways. One thing this final month of the year pulls into perspective is a feeling of reflection. Reflecting on the year, or years, and looking forward to how the coming new year is teeming with opportunity.

This morning I stumbled on photographer Jessica Kobeissi and her video on reacting to her old photography.

It got me to digging through my old photos and taking a look year by year at how they changed.

I started at the very beginning
(2007) The very cringe worthy beginningand I got to see little Kaleigh humbly begin trying anything and everything not really knowing a single thing about how a camera worked, just chasing what she saw.and using a lot of contrast… But I went through each yearand saw years where I grew wildly and years where I was stagnant.and part of me misses this girl here, who just wanted you to feel something. who didn’t know everything but would try anythingand just explore for fun and not followers.At the time maybe I didn’t know I was growingbut there I was doing it anyway.I began chasing storiesalong with feelings.I began learning skills that helped bring what I envisioned to lifeand for a time was braver than I’ve ever been.I think at some pointI began putting too much importance on the final imageand self doubt kept me from creating like I used to.An interesting, well executed image is exciting and rewardingbut it can take a lot of “meh” in the middle to get there.So I guess what I’m trying to say isknow that you are growing stilland don’t be afraid to play like a beginner on a regular basis.I think maybe that’s the headspace I want to enter the new year with.

Slay like the Pros

Play like the Beginners


Happy holidays to your beautiful heart, I hope it’s a warm and comforting time of year for you.


And congrats for making it to the end of this post.

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❤ K

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