Hold it tight, then let it go

I believe in a good plan. I relish in devising a detailed blueprint and I think maybe some part of me likes the idea that it’s okay to put something off if you don’t have every little bit figured out. There comes a point when you just have to move forward with whatever is is you’re clinging on to, when you have to stop coddling your idea and release your hold and expectations and give it some breathing room to evolve into what it will. The great work of your life is like your lover, in the beginning you devote all of yourself, melding into it and growing it into the best form it can possibly be- but at the end of the day, you have to realize it has a life and will of it’s own. You are woven deep within it, but it’s not yours alone anymore.

So get to it.

Throw yourself whole heartedly into it.

Get it done.

Appreciate it.

Learn from it.

Then let it go.

Release it into the world.

And then start all over.

❤ K


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