Happy September! It’s hard to see August go, but there is a soft coolness creeping into the air that marks the wild passage of time that has happened before I even realized it. I’ve been in the states for a little over two months now, with lots of paperwork and loose ends to tidy, but it’s all worth it, always. This week I took a driver’s test in order to get my Indiana state license, and I passed! I mean, I know I know how to drive but as if your twenties aren’t second puberty enough, taking another written and practical driving test certainly cropped up some old feelings! I have never practiced parallel parking in my nine years of driving as much as in the two days leading up to my test. I’m pretty sure our neighbours are fully convinced I’m insane now, but I now have the freedom to explore even more and haul around even bigger props to locations on my own. There are still a lot of papers that need working, forms to send in and permissions I wait patiently for, so a lot of my plans have been put on hold until further notice, but I don’t use this time idly, and am very grateful to have the time to whole heartedly focus on creating art for you all.

Here’s what this week held.


❤ K

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