The Last Big Breath of August

It’s hard to believe August is already coming to a close. It’s foreign to me to already be seeing children clambering on school busses, but it’s a sure sign of a fresh start and change a-comin’. What a beautiful month it has been. It’s still warm and sunny here, but I know the heat will begin to fade and the green will soon burst into flames of a hundred different shades. I have tried to absorb and utilize the kindness the summer has shown as much as I can, but does it ever really feel like we fully have? I’m so thankful for this summer, it has been a beautiful and wild one, and I hope it has shown the same warmth and goodness to you.

This week I missed the solar eclipse, went on a wild four hour hike and started the battle against a sore throat and stuffy nose. But I got to create, be outside, and have an excuse to drink lots and lots of tea. That’s about all I have to say this time around, so here are some photos.



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