Busyness vs. Productivity

I think one thing I’m struggling with is the feeling that I constantly have to be busy to be productive and successful, but the thing is there is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. The two cross paths from time to time but one may exist without the other. I find myself “busy” instead of productive at times. Busy trying to think of something to create, what I “should” be doing, guilting myself for not having more done.

I need to concern myself more with using my time constructively over simply constantly go go going. Constructive can mean creating art that sucks, making the bed, staying in the shower five minutes longer, folding laundry and spending an hour walking nowhere in particular.

There is a lot of glorification around work work working constantly, of 70 hour work weeks, of being miserable for the sake of.. what exactly? The busyness that others may thrive in doesn’t automatically have to be your truth.  I know for me, my plate is bigger than some, and far far smaller than others. I tend to get overwhelmed very easily and need many small tasks I can focus wholly on, one at a time, in order to get anything truly valuable done. Busyness leaves you frazzled, guilt ridden, scatter brained and constantly fatigued. Productivity lets you dig deep and put in maximum effort because when this is task is done, maybe you get to reward yourself with a five minute youtube break and a spoonful of peanut butter. Busyness keeps you up all night with a head full of static, and productivity leaves you exhausted at the end of the day as you sink into bed feeling accomplished. I’ve felt both and finding the balance takes a lot of focus and awareness.

In what ways do you busy yourself and stay unproductive?

And conversely, what productive things do you do that leave you fulfilled and ready to take on more?

For me, busyness includes trying to force ideas to come to me, getting sucked into social media holes (instagram, I’m looking at you), and redoing lists and timelines and plans I’ve already made trying to perfect things.

Productivity starts small by doing the dishes and tidying my working space, and fans out into setting 20 minute timers and buckling down to work on editing, prop making, paperwork etc. Modest bite sizes to keep myself steady for the buffet, not the 3 minute lunch break.



❤ K

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