Concerning Doors




Endings are a funny thing. A door cannot open if first it is not closed. We can cling so tightly to those closing doors, jamming our fingers between small crevices to keep it open just a bit longer as pain shoots fiery stems from our squished hands. We can fear it so greatly that when the door finally closes, we stand in front of the next one waiting dumbly, again paralyzed with fear at the uncertainty of what lies behind door number two. Here’s the thing though, you can handle what’s behind door x, and y and even z. You can. The uncertainty before the plunge- that’s the hardest part. The plunge is easy, crashing into the water is exhilarating and it’s innate that you will find your way to the surface, that you will find fresh breath again.

So open that door. Appreciate all that the previous one bestowed upon you and carry a piece of it’s courage with you as the next steps cross a new threshold.


— ❤ —

Here is a peek at what I’ve been up to this week.




❤ K

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  1. You are wise way beyond your years grasshopper…

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