Here we are at the end of another week. And what a week it has been. On Monday I began a new ritual, where I took myself on a date. After sending Matthew off to work, I packed a backpack and walked to a coffee shop downtown where I nestled in with a hot beverage and spent the next hour writing. Whatever it was that passed through my mind, my fingers industriously rapped away at the small keys to capture them. Most things were simple expressions of gratitude, silly things or just how I was feeling. It was no great masterpiece, but it was a wonderful brain dump and at the end I felt a tiny space open up that wasn’t there before, and the next half hour was spent nose deep in a book. It’s the sort of thing one can do anywhere, especially from home, but there was something really nice about intentionally setting out somewhere and finding a fresh space.

On Tuesday, I finally legally wed and am officially Kaleigh Middelkoop-Real. For Real. We had a small courthouse ceremony with two wonderful friends witnessing us say our vows and a truly kind judge helping us along. So there you go. It was a long road to being officially married in the eyes of the government, but here we are. The first two photos below could not have come to be without the incredible help of my now husband, Matthew. He is an angel from above when it comes to patience and an adventurous spirit in my photographic ventures. I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup. A few ideas that have been waiting patiently in my sketchbook got to come to life, and that’s always a relief, whether they succeed or fail (which a fair few have failed quiiiiite epically).

So here are some photos I made this week and I hope your weekend treats your right.



❤ K

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  1. Alison Singer-Strong July 30, 2017 — 9:20 am

    I’m almost certain that I see something new that has emerged in these photos. Congratulations on your move and your big step, and your happiness!

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